Monday, November 22, 2010

makin' mittens

Let me apologize in advance for the lackluster photos.

So I got a little crafty on Saturday night, which is what I tend to do while Mr. 505 is watching football. These little tagboard mittens were in the $1 bin at Michael's last year and I got them for 70% off after Christmas - along with some Christmas trees, ornaments, scalloped circles, and more mittens. I had envisioned great things for them. Because I read two peas. And I see all the great things they do with these $1 bin things.

And so they sat in the basket in my scrapbook room for 11 months. Waiting. Dying to be made into something beautiful.

They finally came to life much like I thought they would, with pretty papers, shiny ribbon, and inked edges.

Someone that I love is getting this for Christmas, but early enough to enjoy it for the whole holiday season. And that would be my sister. And I can tell you that because she doesn't read my blog. Rural Ohio = really slow internet connection speeds. And actually, it's part of her family gift, which is another blog post all in its own, but I'm not quite ready to share all the goodness that is about to end up in their mailbox.

I used my newest favorite Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in pearl on everything, which is kind of funny because I'm not a very bling-y kind of gal. But it makes everything all shimmery and sparkly, which is perfect for Christmas. The papers were all scraps from previous Christmas projects. The only thing I had to buy was the ribbon.

Readers, I present to you, the Noel garland project of 2010, the brown & blue edition!

And yeah, we have that much crap on our refrigerator. We're magnet people over here in Berglandia. We keep all the trinket shops in business. Which is really good in this sucky economy.

The end.


Kellie said...

That is TOO CUTE!!!! You are so creative. :) And do not feel badly about the magnetville on your fridge... we, too, have that. It is hard sometimes finding a new place to put something. lol :)

bmarquez said...

I love the mittens. I can't wait to see what else you're getting into.