Sunday, September 5, 2010

it was the summer of. . .

2010 // it was the summer of. . .

anniversary day trips and stopping at starbucks to use up my gift cards.
a weird work schedule that had us staying up late on thursday nights and sleeping in on friday mornings.
a vacation from 1st grade.
exploring new places.

a long flight home to see family.
tornado watches and bad thunderstorms.
the rehearsal and wedding of a long time friend.
lunch at lyn-way two days in a row with other dear friends.

slumber party and walmart trip with my niece.

sitting around the table. laughing with mom and grandma.
a great uncle that passed away and a cousin's baby born on the same day. a time to be born and a time to die.
farewell, uncle gus. i'll see you again.
hello, blake. we're happy you're here.

planting teeny tiny impatiens and geraniums and watching them grow and spread like crazy.
hydrangeas replanted in pots blooming a second time.
daisies that took over the back raised bed.
coming home and immediately being happy with all the pops of color.

red roses planted by my husband.

surviving the invasion of the slugs in the forever rainy month of June.
cilantro that died. basil that lived. rosemary that made a comeback.
lavender that quadrupled in size from last year.
happy bees pollinating the green beans, zuchini, and squash.
the year of the topsy turvy.
hundreds of tomatoes that may never turn red.

sunsets at lake wanatchee.
bear warnings.
bbq pizza pockets over the fire.
self-portaits in leavenworth.
the hills alive with the sound of music.

snoqualmie falls on the way there.
mt. rainier on the way home.

scrapbook projects that kept me up late at night.
good books that kept me up late too.
lots of blogs and facebook friends.

waterfalls and hikes.
evening walks.
vbs songs with crazy hard motions.
drives in the jeep.
picking blueberries.
fruit stands with red raspberries.

the birthday boy and the spruce goose.

it was a summer to remember.

this post was inspired by one I read at marta writes.

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Kellie said...

Glad you enjoyed your summer. :) It was definitely filled with great things!