Thursday, September 23, 2010

first graders and paint, stupid commercials, grocery store thieves, scrapbook add, and babies

Today we began our first artsy fartsy project at school. I'm a paper crafter, not an art teacher. Give me some cardstock, adhesive, and some pretty patterned paper and I can whip you up just about any little kind of scrapbook you want, but I do not do so well when crafting involves things like paint, glitter, white glue, and small children who do not normally listen to directions. So it's hard to believe the first project I chose involved paint. But my blog searching has paid off because I've found some cool art teacher blogs like that artist woman and deep space sparkle that give step by step directions with pictures (that's the key) by grade level for some pretty cool art projects.

I always approach the tempera paint shelf with great fear and trepidation. Maybe it was because last year little Mr. J. dumped a whole bowl of black paint onto the white rug which gave the little old lady janitor a near fatal heart attack. (May I just say. . .that woman can get paint out of carpet unlike anyone I know. And trust me, I know.) Well, we survived. There was no paint on the floor, there were poppy seeds all over the place, and most of all, the kids were happy. We're making these cute sunflowers.

Anyone else think the Subway commercial that has the people sitting around the table with cat tails waving in their faces is the stupidest thing ever? Even the music is dumb.

I was in the grocery store this morning to buy some soup because I've got a bit of a cold and I had to revert back to my childhood and have some Chicken and Stars when I heard over the intercom, "He just ran out the door and he's got a bottle of wine!" Then I could hear all these people running through the store. I thought they had code blue or code reds for something like that. As I was headed out I saw the Safeway lady who must've made the call. She was all smiling real big like she had just rid the world of another bad guy.

I was chatting with a friend from church on Sunday about scrapbooking. We both commented about how we are never going to be caught up and we have all this stuff and never enough time. Of course, I mentioned this little online class I'm taking and how now I'll have another project needing my attention. I went home and thought about the rest of my albums that I'm currently not even thinking about working on.

They are, in random order:
  • our 12X12 wedding album
  • Phil & Wendy, 8X8, volume 2 - needing to finish journaling
  • Phil & Wendy, volume 3, 12X12 - currently up to April of 2008, none of it journaled
  • the annual 8X8 Christmas album in which I am behind two years
  • an 8X8 album of my Ohio trip from 2009
  • my 8X8 Tennessee Temple University album
  • 2009's December daily, various sizes of pages
  • 12X12 Mexico missions trip, never finished the journaling
  • 12X12 "friends" album
  • 5X7 mini album from our Lake Wanatchee trip
  • an 8.5X8.5 wedding album for a friend

That doesn't even include the other album ideas that are floating around in my mind. I apparently just have a hard time with completion.

And this, my friends, is where all the magic happens. No wonder I don't ever get very much done. But go ahead, spill the beans. Tell me I'm not the only one who has Scrapbook ADD.

Lastly, congratulations to my dear friend of some 20+ years, Sandra, who brought sweet little Josie into the world last night.

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Kellie said...

You are NOT the only one with scrapbooking ADD.. my table looks a lot like that when I actually get to do it. In fact, during the day at school my desk looks like that and it drives me crazy but it is life. lol :)