Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have somehow managed to make it to my 400th blog post. 400. How is it possible that I've found enough stuff to write about that many times?

I first started blogging on myspace. Remember that? One of my first posts was when I nearly cut off my toe with the blade from the food processor while making pumpkin cheesecake. I had to wear flip flops to school for about six weeks because I couldn't wear real shoes. Anyway, I need to go in and delete that account. If myspace even still exists. Then I discovered blogger, created Part of my Story, and it's been all fun and games ever since.

I have a few faithful readers. Some of you leave comments. Some of you don't. (I hope I'm not sounding bitter.) Some of you I know. Some of you I've never met. Some of you I wonder about. It always cracks me up to read the tracker and see where my visitors are from. Most recently I've seen San Antonio, Texas - where I know not a single soul, and Chococinty, North Carolina. Really? Is there such a place? I occasionally see the hometown folks of Ashland, Ohio, and my fans from here in Portland/Vancouver. Then there's always the ones listed as being from the United States. They really get to me because they're so not specific enough. But it doesn't matter who you are or where you live. You're all just swell and I'm really glad you stop by.

So to celebrate the big 4-0-0, I'm hosting a little giveaway!!! That's right. Leave me a comment and tell me what you LOVE about fall so I can finally use that random number integer thing that's been so good to me and pick a winner. I will see that something fabulously fallish, and perhaps scrappy, arrives in your mailbox. (Unless I see you at church, then I'll hand deliver and save myself the postage. I do teach at a Christian school, you know.) Since I haven't exactly purchased the stuff yet, I'll just leave it a surprise. But don't worry, I'd never send you something I didn't truly love myself.

I'll start. . .I love everything there is to love about pumpkins, but especially baking pumpkin stuff. Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin cookies. Pumpkin cheesecake. Pumpkin pie. I can hardly wait to dig into my stash of canned pumpkin. I love fall colors, taking walks and hearing the crisp leaves under my feet. I love the sunny cooler days and fall scented candles.

Readers, you have until Sunday night at 8 PM Pacific Standard Time to comment. (That's 11 PM for you east coasters.)Then I will post the winner and we'll all be delighted for you.

Good night and good luck!


bmarquez said...

I love watching the leaves on our maple tree change into fall colors and cover our yard as they fall. But the best part is when a strong breeze comes along and blows them all over the neighborhood.

mc said...

Yes, Wendy, there is a Chocowinity, NC, that's not me,it is 2 hrs. from here, but the name cracks me up too! Did you know there is a Lizard Lick, NC also?! OK, about fall. I love everything about fall. This year, I love that my 15 year old son has requested to return to the local hayride/corn maze, pumpkin farm. He has such a good time every year that he wants to go again. Amazing-at 15-he's supposed to be grumpy about everything, right? Yeah fall!

Dawn said...

No fair! I was out of the country this past weekend. I actually didn't go on the internet for a full 2 days! I leave comments all the time. Oh well, maybe next time. . . or when you hit 500 posts or 505 (since Phil505 is so special to you!) I can try again!

Kellie said...

OK... so being busy and not being able to read my peeps blogs has caused me to miss out on this. I used to be able to read every day... what in the world is happenin' to me? lol :)

I have not heard of Chocowinity, NC but have been through Lizard Lick a time or two. We also have other interesting places here but I won't go into that right now. :)

I love all parts of fall... the colors, the weather, the smells... it is just wonderful. :)