Tuesday, August 17, 2010

headbands for hannah

My niece Hannah turns 8 the day she starts 2nd grade. Poor girl has to start school on her birthday. I figured she should at least go back with some cute hair apparel. I've been seeing lots of headbands with flowers lately and some friends at church were wearing some they bought for $10 a piece. I knew I could make them cheaper. And I did.
I bought a pack of stretchy headbands for $4.99. Then I went to Michael's and scoured the floral department. I wasn't exactly thrilled with my options, but I made it work. I bought two bunches of the fallish flowers and one big huge hydrangea ball. Everything was 30% off. I came home, took the centers of the flowers out, layered them together, dug through my stash of brads,
hot glued some ribbon on the back to cover up the pokey brad parts,
and wa-la, we have cuteness.
Instead of using a brad, I sewed the white headband with the purple flowers together and used a button for the center.
I have tons of flowers left so I'll probably make some more for another little niece of mine.

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bmarquez said...

Sooo cute! I love the fall colors best. The bigger the flower the better.

Did you see the headband Jocelyn was wearing? Em's friend Lindsey made it. Now that is a BIG flower.

They will make great gifts.