Friday, August 27, 2010

flashback friday #22

In light of yesterday's post, I thought it would be fun to make fun of myself (because why have a blog if I can't laugh at the ridiculousness of things such as the Trendy Wendy glasses I have worn in my lifetime). This will, by no means, show you all the corrective lenses I have had, but it will give you a glimpse into my past. And that's why you're all here, right?

This is me in 3rd grade, circa fall of 1983, still wearing my 1st pair of glasses. I think I was going for the "let's have at least one inch all the way around my eye" look. I remember being in the car with my dad and him saying, "Those match your hair really well." I thought right then and there that I must've done a darn good job picking these babies out.

Moving on to, oh, fifth or sixth grade when I played softball on the Savannah C-2 team. Oh my. Notice while I went with smaller frames, I got the transitional lenses. Because it's way cool to have your glasses magically turn into sunglasses right before your very eyes.

I'm pretty sure this picture from 7th grade shows the same frames , you just get to see them in their regular glory. What? You can't see my eyebrows? Well, that's because they blend in so well with the frames. And that would be my best friend, Coby. We were on our way to Snow Camp at Word of Life.

A couple years later, early high school, I went back with the gargantuan sized frames again. Holy smokes. Coby and I again on the church bus.

Then there are quite a few years where I'm only wearing contacts. I finally got them my sophomore year. Best. Thing. That. Ever. Happened.

Moving on to 2006. These were my "I'm planning a wedding and even though I hardly wear them, I need new glasses so I'm going to buy the cheapest ones I can get."

And last, but surely not least, the current Trendy Wendy's which now need a new lense on the right. Come on, you know you want a pair.


Kellie said...

HAHHAHA!!! I have a few pictures of those oversized glasses in my past, too. Hope those things never come back... although you COULD see out of them at every angle you looked, which was nice. lol

bmarquez said...

To go along with the glasses I'd also like to hear about the Trendy Wendy hair styles through the years.