Monday, July 19, 2010

q & a

1. It's 2AM and you are not home. You are more than likely: scrapbooking or stuck in an airport somewhere. I'm not usually out at 2am.

2. What's the last thing you spent more than $100 on? a couple pair of shoes for the summer.

3. What do your bank checks look like? plain old boring free blue Chase checks. we hardly use checks anymore, so I guess I've quit spending money on the cutesy ones.

4. Where did the shirt you are currently wearing come from? the Lane Bryant outlet

5. Name something that will be on your Christmas wish list: oh, for the last 12 years or so it's included something scrapbook related, so I'm sure this year won't be any different.

6. What color is your toothbrush? mostly white with blue and green

7. Name something you collect and tell us about it. I collect Willow Tree Angels. I probably have 12-15 or so. Once, when shopping with my sister, I accidentally knocked one off the display shelf. It was called Sisters, I believe, and the two angels were holding hands. My sister called my dad on the phone and said, "Dad, Wendy broke the angel." She's such a dork, but she's also gotten me the majority of my angels for Christmas/birthday gifts.

8. Last restaurant you ate at. Who were you with? How was it? Los Jalepenos. Phil505. Delicious as usual. I always get the chicken chimi.

9. Who was the last person you bought a birthday card for? my brother and my nephew. Our birthdays are all in the same week.

10. Name a magazine you subscribe to? none at this time. I'll occasionally buy Creating Keepsakes though.

11. Your favorite pizza toppings? pepperoni, bacon & mushrooms. yum!

12. Whose number were you looking up the last time you used a phone book? I can't recall using a phone book in a long time, so I don't know.

13. Other than family, who is the person that you love most? that's a hard question. I don't know if I can pick just one person.

14. What is the last thing you cooked? rice krispie treats. does that count as actual cooking? I had to do something with all the leftover marshmallows from camping.

15. Name something you wouldn't want to buy used? a mattress. gross.

16. Which shoe do you put on first? right.

17. What is the last thing you remember losing? a curriculum order form at school. I never did find that thing.

18. What is the ugliest piece of furniture in your house? this little table/cupboard thing the printer is on.

19. Last thing you bought and ended up returning? I don't have a clue.

20. What perfume/cologne do you wear? If none, why? Clinique Happy Heart or Laura Ashley #1 - which they don't make anymore. I'm rationing every last drop in that bottle.

21. Your favorite board game? balderdash or beyond balderdash

22. What was the last board game you played? I played a game of Life with Hannah when I was home in which I got married and had twins! I also had a crummy job that didn't pay much.

23. Where did your vehicle come from? Gresham Ford

24. If a movie was made about your life what would the theme song be? Unforgettable by Nat King Cole :)

25. You're sad, who can cheer you up easily? usually no one. I've just got to get past the moodiness.

26. What was the color of the bridesmaid dresses of the last wedding you went to? kind of a royal blue color

27. What house cleaning chore do you hate to do the most? cleaning the shower.

28. What is your favorite way to eat chicken? see #8

29. It is your birthday. You hope the cake is? moist with good frosting.

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Kellie said...

Loved these as I always do with your questionnaires. lol If I ever finish with vacation pics I'll have to find this one. ha!!! :)