Thursday, July 29, 2010

lake wanatchee

We've camped in several places in WA and OR in our six years of wedded bliss, but never have I been greeted by a sign like this upon entering a campground. . .

That immediately upped the fear factor, so you'd better believe I made sure all our food was put inside the Jeep at night. We had a neighbor next to us, however, who didn't think following that sign was quite as important as I did. You can only imagine. I kept texting my sister about my concerns. She told me, "for the love of everything, sleep in the Jeep." I stayed in the tent with my man, but I surely didn't sleep very well.

Campsite, sweet campsite. While I love camping on the coast and hearing the ocean all night long, I have to admit, it sure was nice to wake up and have everything be dry. Dry towels. Dry picnic table. Dry chairs. On the coast, everything is always wet. Bleh!

After we got everything set up that first night, we headed over to the beach to watch the sunset. We weren't disappointed.

There were lots of trails for hiking. We took one that followed where the Wanatchee River flowed from the lake. It was very pretty. Hot, but pretty.

We had a little help from the self-timer on this one.

Emerald Island. I kept thinking about Word of Life Island. . .for some odd reason.

I have a camping rule that states: I will camp with you, but there must be hot showers. So Phil505 always has to look for campgrounds that meet my criteria, bless his heart. At Lake Wanatchee we had to pay for our hot water. 50 cents got you 3 minutes. In case you were wondering, I only spent $1.00 a day. And it was totally worth it.

I'd for sure go back to Lake Wanatchee. . . bear warnings and all!


Kellie said...

Beautiful!! Looks like y'all had a great time!

bmarquez said...

Did you her what happened at the campgroud in Montana? Maybe it's best you don't.

Awesome pictures. Glad you guys had a great time.