Friday, July 30, 2010

flashback friday #21

photo circa, I don't know, 1993? maybe 1994??? DeMoss Hall perhaps??????

She's gonna kill me, but this is my blog and I live 2,000 miles away, so unless she hires a hit man, I think I'm pretty safe. Tomorrow is my friend Cindy's birthday. So I dedicate this flashback friday to her! Why?
  • because she used to be infatuated with ivy. Way serious infatuation. I mean over the top infatuation.
  • because she also used to be infatuated with cows. Uh-huh, ivy and cows.
  • because when I walked up the aisle in her wedding with her brother Scott as my escort, he told me he wasn't wearing any underwear.
  • because she used to live across the hall from me when I was her RA.
  • because while living across said hall, I could flop on her bed like a 'dead fish' whenever I wanted.
  • because, as her RA, I never had to write her up (at least not that I recall).
  • because she loves Noxzema nearly as much as I do.
  • because she married Todd. Enough said.
  • because she's from West Virginia and you hardly even know it.
  • because I became her friend after I told her how much I loved her green jumper with the white pilgrim purity collar blouse. . . a Tenessee Temple University wardrobe staple (if only I had a picture of that outfit).
  • because I got the idea to blog about her while talking to her on the phone the other day.
  • because I've stayed with her on March 15th more times than I can remember and I always signed the guest book "Beware the ides of March."
  • because she's an incredible artist.
  • because she didn't get too mad about all the birdseed and/or rice in her honeymoon luggage.
  • because she's baked me at least one birthday cake.
  • because she's got two cute little kids.
  • because she's a pastor's wife.
  • because she reads my blog.
  • because she's my dear, sweet, wonderful, amazingly funny friend.

Happy Birthday, Cindy! Hope you have a fantastic day!!!

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Kellie said...

I enjoyed that! lol :)