Saturday, June 5, 2010

a whole lotta nothin'

It is with great pleasure that I remind you that this is the week that celebrates both my marriage (six years on Saturday) and my birth (never mind how many years on Sunday). Phil505 and I are busy making plans for the best weekend of the year. It starts off Friday night when he brings home some delicious cupcakes from St. Cupcake, the cupcake shop of all cupcake shops down in the Pearl. I've already made my selections and will be texting them to him shortly. Since the weather is supposed to finally turn sunny, we're going to do something outside to enjoy it. Something that doesn't involve trimming the bushes, edging the yard, and killing off all the slugs. Rain + mulch + garden plants = lots and lots of slugs. Yuck.

We have been super busy cleaning and dusting and edging and weeding because we got a letter from the property manager saying the owner of the house was in town and wanted to see the place. Of course, we wanted to make a very good impression and nearly killed ourselves in the process. I went to bed at 7:00 last night if that tells you anything. But man, my scrapbook room looks amazing. I finally got stuff hung up on the walls, I organized and put things away, and best of all, you can finally see the carpet.

Two weekends ago, on our way to the beach, we stumbled upon fields of irises. I saw them from the freeway and Phil, handsome hunk that he is, took a little bunny trail and led me right to the irises. This was a smaller field near the garden. The fields we saw from the freeway were huge. They were just popping with all sorts of colors. It's quite spectacular to see.

The garden was amazing. There were just rows and rows of every color of iris you could imagine - and lots of other flowers too.

I loved these huge purple alliums. They're in the onion family.

We finally made it to the beach and had lunch at Mo's. Then we sat and watched from across the bay a whole beach full of harbor seals. Most of them were sunning themselves near the edge of the water, but some were swimming over by us. You could see their little heads bobbing up and down in the water.

We looked for treasures on the beach before heading north to find some Tillamook Ice Cream. Being a holiday weekend, the Cheese Factory was packed, so we kept going and ended up in Rockaway. Just as we got our ice cream, it started raining, so we ended up heading back home.

Last week, the kids in my class were angels. This week, not so much. Just today, for example, one of my boys comes up and says he's got something sticky in his hair. I asked him what it was. He says he doesn't know. I told him that he didn't anything sticky in his hair when he walked in the door, so where did this come from. He says over there. I said you're going to have to do better than that. Go show me. So he walks over, points under one of the tables, and says, from right here. I said, so you're telling me that you've probably pulled somebody's old nasty gum from under a table and rubbed it in your head? Are you kidding me???? That's the kind of week it's been this week.

5 1/2 more days, folks. 5 1/2 more days.

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Kellie said...

Woohoo...sounds like you had a great weekend. :) Those irises are beautiful!!!

Hang in there, girl... it is almost over for the year. :)