Monday, May 24, 2010

yes, no, maybe so

Yes, it was time for a new blog background. It had been since Valentine's Day and I know you were all getting sick of looking at hearts and hand holding.

Yes, I like the pink and green birds.

Maybe because Phil505 and I are lovebirds. It's all about the romance over here.

No, I have no idea what the little peanut/flower/dog bone shaped dangly things are on the sides. Ideas, anyone?

Yes, it will probably be there for a while because changing the background and getting all the colors of the fonts right is a big pain in the bazooka.

Yes, Phil505's car was dying. It was another big pain in the bazooka.

Maybe it was even making weird noises again.

Yes, we put a lot of money into that car this past year. I repeat, a lot of money. Because it had already been making a lot of weird noises.

Yes, he's been browsing a lot in the last few weeks.

No, he didn't think we could afford an SUV. But he wanted one real bad.

Maybe I suggested on Saturday afternoon that we go look at cars. So he can see the real deal.

Maybe drive a few. Just for fun.

Yes, he thought I was crazy for suggesting it.

No, we were not going to buy a car that day. Those were the exact words out of my mouth. "We are NOT going to buy a car today."

Yes, we bought a Jeep.

No, he never thought he'd ever own a Jeep.

Yes, we've named her. We named her Lady. She's a Jeep Liberty, see. So she's Lady Liberty. (cue the song, "I'm Proud to be an American) Lady for short. (Sandra, it was either that or the Liberty Belle, and that just wasn't happening without the moon over Schroon.)

Yes, he's been like a kid in a candy shop.

Yes, I love it that he's so happy to have a good, dependable car.

Yes, I can drive it because it's an automatic.

Maybe I'm slightly happy about that.


Sandra said...

Aahhh...the good ol' Liberty Belle. Yes, you must have the moon over Schroon and Bill Schake's baked Alaska for the complete picture. Very nice car!! We had a Jeep down in Australia. I called it the Beast because it was so darn big on these little teeny roads. Every time I took it out I marveled that I did not hit something or take someone out. I'll have to see about coming back out to Ohio in June. That would be wonderful to see you! Melissa and I were just saying we think it's been since your wedding that we've seen you last...much too long!! I'll definitely let you know.

Kellie said...

LOVE it!! I am so happy y'all have this Jeep. I also love that you named her.... you know how I feel about that. lol :)