Thursday, April 1, 2010

on the first day of april my true love made for me. . .

stir fry veggies & beef with water chestnuts. Because seriously, what's stir fry without the water chestnuts?

I was thinking all day of what I could do that would freak you out like last year's announcement that I was shutting down ye olde blog, but I got nothing. No April foolin' this year. Sorry if I've disappointed you. Tune in next year. Maybe you'll be surprised. Then again, maybe not.

It was just a typical Thursday wherein I had two kids crying because they didn't want to do their reading assignment this morning. I could've said, "OK then, you don't have to do it. . . April Fool's!" But that would've brought on more fake tears.

I'm sorry. Maybe it's because I don't have kids. Maybe I'm just not very nice. Maybe I don't have a grasp of the inner thoughts feelings of small children. But I don't do well when kids cry over nothing. There'll be none of that going on.

I wish I could tell them what my dad used to say, "You want me to give you something to cry about?" But that would be inappropriate and you'd probably hear about me on the news.

They eventually came to the realization that their crying was getting them absolutely nowhere and buckled down and finished their work. And we chatted about how that's not going to work for them in my classroom. Then everyone was happy. And life in my room resumed back to normal.

Oh, I did venture on into the brand new branch of the Ft. Vancouver Regional Library at the Firstenburg Center today. It was like Jane Jetzen meets the Robotic Library Lady. Return the books here, one at a time, and wait for the green light. When you see the green light your account will be credited with your return. Then the books are plopped onto a conveyor belt where they drop into the correct return bin. It was way cool. Then as I got ready to check out my 35 books, or whatever it was, it's always a lot, the lady comes over to show me that you can put four books at a time on this white thing and the scanner will read four bar codes and check them all out at once. She looked at me and said, "You must be a teacher! You're gonna love this gadget." And boy, was she right. It shaved a good five minutes off my checkout time.

I have fallen in love with the new library. I've also heard the Ft. Vancouver Regional Library does not charge fines for late books. If you know me at all you will know what a blessing that is.

And why all of a sudden am I finally using the Ft. Vancouver Regional Library? I've been using my Multnomah County (aka - all of Portland) educator's card for the entire time I've lived in Vancouver. It finally caught up with me one day. I was all set to check out my usual 35 books or whatever it was, it's always a lot, and when I scanned my card it said, "INVALID USER." I wasn't about to go ask them why my card wasn't working anymore. I knew they finally figured out I wasn't living in Multnomah County. It only took them four years!

OK, fine, be done with me then. But just remember all the money you made off me!

And PS - In case you were wondering, I will always vote yes for library levies.


Kellie said...

I don't do well when kids cry about nothing, either. It is just their way to manipulate (or try) the situation. I tell mine that it may work at home but it won't work at school! lol

Glad you are now going to the correct library. Sounds quite fancy!

Sandra said... must be Ohio dads because my dad used to say that to us all the time too. :) And when he used to loosen the belt...look out!