Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Discoverations. Yes, I made that word up. I do that a lot. My favorite made up word of all times is retardical. I think I may have shared that with you previously. Anyway, this post is about a discoveration Phil505 and I made last Saturday.

It was a lovely sunny day. After he got off work we had a couple of errands to run, and we knew we'd end up eating dinner out at some point. Well, I wasn't hungry yet, so we decided to go to another plant nursery to check out the shrubs. Saw it all and still not hungry, and I knew he wouldn't want to go to Walmart. So Phil505 decided to take me on a little drive.

You may remember the time I just wanted to take him on a dinner picnic after school one day and I drove and drove and couldn't find a single picnic table along the river. Not one. And I even had a comment by Marty, our stranded in Houston groomsman, on that very blog post that I'm sure I must've read (but don't remember). I turned left that day and headed east toward the Gorge.

Phil505 turned right and headed toward downtown Vancouver. And oh, the glorious little esplanade on the water walking place we found! I kept saying, "I can't believe no one has told us about this. Why have we lived here this long and not known it was here?" When all along, Marty Gould, blog reader extraordinaire, had given us all the details about this valuable little resource. It was right there, between McMennamin's and Who Song and Larry's.

There was even more than one picnic table. Picnic tables, people!!! Right next to the river.

It's right there by the I-5 bridge. The bridge that we've been over a million and one times and I've never once noticed a walking path. The bridge they're hoping to replace and then tax us like crazy with tolls to pay for it.

We have a new place. A new place to go when it's sunny and warm. When I need my moving water fix. When I want to take a walk holding Phil505's hand.

We ended up eating at Who Song and Larry's. The chips and salsa were great, but I should've stuck with my usual of ordering the crispy floutas. I always order cripsy floutas or chicken chimichangas when we do Mexican. Instead, I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and order the chicken enchiladas with the sour cream sauce. Bleh. I'm never doing that again.

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Kellie said...

I am glad you had a discoveration. You and I both seem to like making up new words. I like it.

Beautiful new place for you and Phil505. Enjoy every minute of it when you go! :)