Sunday, April 25, 2010

my weekend, randomly preserved in bullet points

  • slept in on Saturday and Sunday. sheer bliss.
  • this was after moving to the couch Friday night because someone around here makes a lot of racket when he sleeps.
  • nursed Phil505 back to good oral health. I didn't really do much. Put some ice in a ziploc and tried to remember not to squeeze his cheeks.
  • which is hard because he has unbelievingly squeezable cheeks.
  • this was after taking him to the oral surgeon Saturday afternoon for the extraction of one broken molar and one irritating wisdom tooth.
  • yes, a Saturday visit to the oral surgeon. the dentists around here like keeping Portland weird.
  • made Phil505 some homemade soup and stocked up on mashed potato packs and yogurt for the soft food diet.
  • declared my new found love for Tillamook yogurt.
  • it's way more creamy than Yoplait, but I'm sure it tastes better because of the extra calories and additional fat.
  • made sure to get him some ice cream too. it was a tramatic event afterall.
  • and my dad always stopped and got us ice cream after tramatic events.
  • washed dishes five times the old fashioned way and am currently running the dishwasher. we are only two people. I can't figure it out.
  • took advantage of the sun this afternoon and planted all the flowers. with cow poop. felt all the Farmer Kline Blood in me coming out.
  • Bring on the tomatoes! I'm running out of salsa. Barbara, I may have to invade your pantry.
  • am taking plenty of Aleve in preparation for being unable to get out of bed and walk tomorrow morning.
  • but it's worth it looking out the back door and seeing the place all spruced up.
  • chatted with mom, sister, nephew, and niece - who declared she cries sometimes because she misses me.
  • didn't believe her until sister says, "Yep, some nights she cries because she misses her Aunt Dee."
  • reminded sister that that's when you give your daughter the phone so she can call me.
  • assisted another nephew with some history timeline homework. from 2,000+ miles away.
  • scrapbooked in my December Daily. Ya, I know. It's almost May and I'm still not done. Shoot me.
  • made my usual Sunday night bag of 100 calorie popcorn and wrote this blog post.

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Dawn said...

Thanks for taking the time to write your blog. I love reading it!