Saturday, March 6, 2010

and all's well in bergland

It's the weekend.

Long live relaxing weekends. Relaxing, sleep in til 8 and stay in your pajamas til 12:30, weekends.

The sun was out today. Something about the sun reflecting off the snowy mountains. Makes me breathe deeper. Makes me enjoy the beautiful blue sky more. I sat in the chair that I turned toward the sliding glass door and basked in the sunlight.

I baked some muffins today. I had a craving for lemon poppy seed, but lacked the necessary lemony ingredients. Opted to go with a recipe for coffee cake muffins. They were good. They just weren't lemony.

The laundry is almost done. The gas tank in my car is full. Fluffy new pillows are about to be put on the bed. And friends, Target sells Noxzema!!! Happy day, oh happy day!

Chevy's still makes a kickin' salsa. And their crispy chicken floutas are still the best item on the menu. Except, of course, for the diet cherry coke. Yes, I'll take that with grenadine.

From Bergland to Blogland, happy weekend, everyone!

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Kellie said...

Happy Weekend to you, too!! :)