Friday, January 29, 2010

it's remarkable. . .

  • It's remarkable what a coffee date with a girlfriend can do to lift one's spirits. Thanks, Angie!
  • It's remarkable how great it feels after turning down the opportunity to get a piece of pie with your lunch. Right, Davina? When everybody else is eating crap, we're not.
  • It's remarkable that my sister thinks I have all the interior decorator skills in the family.
  • It's remarkable to think about the miracles of Jesus. We've been talking about that in our Bible lessons this week. I always like the one where the woman had been bleeding for 12 years and all she had to do was touch his robe. Just a touch and she was healed.
  • It's remarkable that they make multi-vitamins now that taste like gummy bears. Only they're for adults and they're not bear-shaped. And I actually remember to take them every morning.
  • It's remarkable that Phil tolerates my scrapbooking habits.
  • It's remarkable that sunrises over the mountains can be so 'take your breath away' beautiful.
  • It's remarkable that dentists send reminder postcards to people after they've caused them an awful lot of pain. Like I want to go back to see him.
  • It's remarkable how unashamed children are about picking their nose in my class.
  • It's remarkable to think that I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen my nephew Keegan and my niece Lavender. I feel like I'm missing out on so much of their lives.
  • It's remarkable that I've already filled up a page in my exercise notebook.
  • It's remarkable that my dad thinks he's going to regift his jar of peach salsa that I sent him for Christmas. That's wrong on so many levels.
  • It's remarkable that January 2010 is almost over.
  • It's remarkable that Oriental Trading Co. can afford to mail out so many dang catalogs.
  • It's remarkable that we hardly ever have pop around here. Oh, diet cherry coke, how I miss thee!
  • It's remarkable how certain things make you think of people - like cheese sticks remind me of Natalie, and parafin wax treatments reminds me of Natalie, and spaghetti towers remind me of Natalie, and kidney stones remind me of Natalie, and expensive hair cuts remind me of Natalie, and big gold keys remind me of Natalie, and ex-Amish guys talking on cell phones remind me of Natalie, and conveeeeeeertibles remind me of Natalie, and Tinky Winky reminds me of Natalie, and Reese's Sticks remind me of Natalie, and the Energizer Bunny in the Christmas play reminds me of Natalie, and. . . can you tell I miss Natalie???
  • It's even more remarkable that you guys keep coming back to read this stuff. Thanks for your support. Your comments. Your emails. Your hunka-hunka bloggin' love.


Dawn Hartill said...

You are remarkable Wendy! Thanks for blogging!

Kellie said...

We come back because we do love to see what you are thinking. :) It's.... REMARKABLE!