Wednesday, July 8, 2009

they all love their aunt dee

Yes, they call me Aunt Dee. Darick started it when he was really little. We think it's because he only heard the last syllable of my name. But it's stuck, and now they all call me Aunt Dee. And I love it! So because I'm their Aunt Dee, I get to brag on them a bit.

Hannah and Carson. Big sister and little brother. She was so excited to have me home. He was excited to tell me all about Thomas. He's fascinated by trains. In this picture he looks like he's got a kink in his neck!

Hannah and her Aunt Dee. Do you think she looks like me? We have matching hair. And by the end of the first week we had matching fingernails and toenails. Hey, that's what sleepovers are all about!

Keegan and Lillian. Hanging out on Grandma's deck. Wating for the popsicles. That boy ate more popsicles in two weeks than should be allowed.

Aunt Dee and Lavender. Getting to know each other.

Dee and Darick. The boy who started it all. He's 11 now and I want to cry every time I think about it. Fortunately, he still lets me take him to the library. I'd drag him in by his toenails if he didn't.

I sure do love those kids :)


Kellie said...

These are great! I am so happy that you were able to spend great times with your family... especially these nieces and nephews.

Sandra said...

Your nieces and nephews are so sweet! (And yes, Hannah does look like you!) :) They grow up so fast, don't they? Especially if you don't live close and get to see them alot. Would you believe my little almost 2 year old nephew at my wedding is now 14 and heading to high school in the fall? It just can't be true.