Thursday, June 18, 2009

wasting time

Ten years ago: I was still a rather newbie teacher enjoying the summer. I was working at Active Metal & Molds with a bunch of relatives on my dad's side (my dad is part owner). I ran a drill press and used a lot of spray paint on the hinges that I made. Yes, folks, I made hinges. I think all those spray paint cans gave me carpal tunnel.

Five things in today’s 'to do list':
1. Finish all the laundry.
2. Make something yummy with fresh blueberries that I got yesterday.
3. Pack. I'm flying out tomorrow at 11:45.
4. Vacuum, mop, clean the bathrooms, etc.
5. Finish up a few things in mom & dad's album (the one I owe them from their visit almost a year ago) and two little projects I need to email to school.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire: Eliminate debt; buy a house; buy a condo in Depoe Bay so I could whale watch whenever I wanted; bring the entire family out to whale watch with me; buy Phil a Harley. He wants one really bad.

Places I have lived: Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oregon, and Washington.

Five things I want to do this summer:
1. Meet my newest niece, Lavender, and spend time with the rest of my nieces & nephews.
2. Take Phil someplace cool for his birthday.
3. Scrapbook - in an attempt to get caught up.
4. Blurb my blog into a book. Just in case the world wide web ceases to exist someday.
5. Exercise often. (I've found out this week that working out with Bob is a lot easier than working out with Jillian.)

Number of weddings I've been in: as best as I can count, 7 as a bridesmaid + my own. That does not include the weddings in which I played flute or piano.

Number of dresses from said weddings I still have: only 2 - the lilac one from my sister's and my own. I go back and forth about selling them both on Craig's List.

Some place I want to go: Hawaii; Alaska; Europe.

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Kellie said...

Have fun in Ohio!! Are you going to still post on your blog while you are gone? I know you are so excited to see your family! I'll pray for a safe trip!