Saturday, May 16, 2009

today i went to my happy place

Marbotts. Greenhouse galore. Family owned and operated. I absolutely love that place. Last year I strayed from the narrow path of gardening goodness and went to a greenhouse right down the road from our apartment. When I found my teeny tiny blue and yellow pansies two weeks later covered in thick silky webs, I knew. I shouldn't have gone there. I'm so sorry, Mr. Marbott.

I love going into the geranium house. The tables are humongous and they come in every color and variety imaginable. I also love that they carry unusual things, like banana trees. I've never seen bananas growing on a tree right in front of me - until today. It was so jungle-like. I should've taken the camera, but I didn't.

Today we came home with all of this. That white bag there, it's cow poop. Yes, we paid $1.18 for a bag of poop. (OK, it's techically called steer manure on the bag.) I've got farmer blood in me, so I know, only the best for our plants!

I worked on the flower pots first, but I'm not going to show you pictures of them until the impatiens spread out a little bit and get all big and fluffy. They're by the front door. Here's the work in progress on the back bed next to the house. Four varieties of tomatoes, three kinds of peppers, and cucumbers and zucchini in the barrell. I'm expecting a bumper crop because we get direct sun back here all day long.

Happy little plants. . . hurry up and grow!

And the funniest part of our day was looking across the street and seeing not only our old desk, but our old TV too, up for grabs at the neighbor's garage sale. We thought the TV had been picked up by the garbage guy. I'm still trying to figure out why she painted the top of the desk green.

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Sandra said...

Hey Schwen,
Can't wait to see the full blooms!I'd love to plant a vegetable garden but since my Phil doesn't eat any vegetables I really couldn't eat a garden full by myself. Was back in good ol' Ohio last weekend and saw Melissa at church. Her little Madelynn is adorable! I mentioned to her that you were heading to our former great state late in June and she was hoping to get to see you at some point. Missing you!!