Saturday, May 23, 2009

dining room wall ~ before and after

So now that I have a long weekend, I'm finally getting around to getting some stuff up on the walls. Before last night, there were a total of three things hanging. That's so sad, I know. Here's the outside dining room wall before (yes, please also notice all the scrapbooking junk on the table, boxes and prints scattered all over the floor, and the pewterish looking CD rack that's about to be spray painted black please - I'm working on it). . .

And after. . .
Phil says to me, "That's sure a lot of pictures of us up on the wall."
I said, "It's because we don't have any children. If we did, people would be saying we have a lot of pictures of kids up on the wall. And anyway, one of them is of me and my sister."
Sorry about the lackluster photos. The camera isn't liking taking pictures inside today. And I wish the clock were just a little bit bigger, but I got it 50% off at Kohls and I couldn't pass it up. I got the B at Kohls too, 60% off :) Did I ever mention how happy I was when Kohls finally made it out to the Pacific northwest?

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