Monday, May 4, 2009

the best conversations between kids are always overheard in the restroom

Two of my students (I shall not disclose their names) had a great little conversation in the restroom earlier today. It should be mentioned that both had been in the office for an inappropriate comment to another student before all this took place. Here's pretty much what I got to listen to as they chatted from stall to stall:

Girl #1 - Do you feel all icky inside?

Girl #2 - What do you mean?

Girl #1 - You know, because we had to go to the principal's office for the first time.

Girl #2 - Oh, that! Well, I'm not so sure it was really my first time going to the principal's office.

Girl #1 - That's like my brother. He's been in there five or six or seven times. But this is my first time.

Girl #2 - So you feel all icky inside because of that?

Girl #1 - Ya. (long pause) Hey, wanna flush same time as me?

Girl #2 - OK. Ready? One, two, three. Flush!

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bmarquez said...

I love it! Hey, I felt all icky inside today too. They sent me home from work though.