Wednesday, March 4, 2009

looking forward

The other day I had my students write in their journals 5-10 things they were excited about or looking forward to. So I've been mulling over my list and here goes.

1. Holding my new niece and spoiling the rest of them. Just because they deserve spoiling.
2. Spending spring break with Phil, which, by the way, begins in 16 days. He took the whole week off for togetherness. NICE!
3. Being able to sit in my living room and not having the smoke of the downstairs neighbor's charcoal grill come wafting on in.
4. Simply not having downstairs neighbors excites me.
5. Taking a whale watching tour on my birthday.
6. Going to see Chris Tomlin in concert Saturday night. Did I mention we got third row seats? I mean, I'm practically going to be one of his backup singers!
7. Getting my piano tuned after we move and actually being able to play it again.
8. Spending a weekend with my friend Jody Lang in April. She's coming all the way from Nashville just to see me. Wow. (Jody was one of the trumpeters in our wedding, for those of you who were there, and is a down-right fabulous person.) I'm taking a personal day and we're going to do some northwest exploration.
9. Sending my sister a little something for her birthday. Which is coming up here next week so I'd better be getting on the ball with that.
10. Reading the latest Nicholas Sparks book, which I have reserved and am hoping will arrive in time for spring break.
11. Got so excited about finding my missing tweezers this morning. Where? In my piano bag that I haul my books in to church. How'd they get in there?
12. Paying off a credit card this month. Yeah, us!
13. Wearing capris and sandals again.

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bmarquez said...

Hey. . . . When are you going to write a new blog. I'm really disappointed when I don't get to hear what's going on with you.