Friday, March 13, 2009

flashback friday #14

photo circa 1977-ish

This is my favorite way to lounge. Cheek on fist. Head sort of propped up. Leg thrown over the arm of the chair or couch. In a semi-contorted state. It's been that way as long as I can remember. And here's the proof.
Dad snapped this picture of me when I was probably totally engrossed in Romper Room. Remember that show? The teacher with the magic mirror??? The same teacher who NEVER EVER called out my name. I was discussing this at scrapbooking a couple weekends ago. We were talking about TV shows that were on when we were kids. I had to express my displeasure with that woman on Romper Room. She'd say something like, "Romper Stomper Bomper Boo, tell me, tell me, tell me who. Did all the kids have fun today? I see Bobby, and Johnny, Julie and Sue. I see Amy and Lisa, Randy and David." But not once. Ever. Did she say, "I see Wendy."
I'd wait anxiously for the end of every single show. For my name to pop out of the magic mirror I waited for nothing. (Yes, I'm still bitter. Can't you tell?)
I remember those shoes. They were Buster Browns. I remember getting them and I remember the black and white striped shoestrings. I remember that rocking chair too. Specifically those little arm covers that never stayed on. It's funny what your brain remembers years and years later.


Kellie said...

I don't remember that show, but I remember those Buster Brown shoes... had those. lol I also remember those types of rockers... we had one, too. I was a bit oblivious to my surroundings when I was little. Wesley is just like his mother that way. lol

Cindy Bergland said...

I remember that show... And she NEVER called out my name either! I waited and waited...