Sunday, March 1, 2009

back in the scrapbooking saddle again

We saw the Christian Youth Theatre's presentation of The Sound of Music this afternoon. A gal from our church (who had the lead of Anne a few months back in Anne of Green Gables) was Brigetta in this one. (She's uber talented.) So I've been singing the songs ever since I heard the orchestra start the intro. The hills are alive. . . Do, Re, Mi. . . Climb every mountain, ford every stream. . .How do you solve a problem like Maria. . . These are a few of my favorite things. . .Bless my homeland forever.

I wanted to share the joy. Now you get to sing them with me for the next three days.

I mentioned yesterday that I did a little scrapbooking. Since I have nothing else to report, except the fact that someone (whom shall remain unnamed) left their Starbucks cup on the end of the piano at church today and I was mildly distracted by the thought of it falling off as I played, I'll post the pictures of my semi-done pages. I have a hard time journaling while I'm there. Actually, I have a hard time journaling them once I get home too. I hope you don't mind that I'm nearly two years behind with these pictures.

First off - our spring date to see the Portland Timbers play some soccer. I was more mesmerized by the Timber Guy starting up the chainsaw and sawing into that big log to rouse up the crowd than I was in the actual game. The man harnessed himself from the rafters and lowered himself down with a chainsaw in his hand. You'll see him at the top of the 2nd photo. And sorry about the lackluster quality. I'm eating my Sunday night popcorn (it's tradition) and didn't want to take the page protectors off.

Letters and scallops courtesy of Phil who hunted down a Stampin' Up consultant online to get me the punch and hunted all over town for the Printing Press Cricut Cartridge for Christmas. Yes, those are all from the same lower case font, even though some look italicized and some are taller, etc. At first I thought the scallops were going to be a bit much for soccer pages, but then I remembered. . .it was a date after all. And a scallop speaks volumes of romance to me.

Next up, my new favorite layout of our trip to the Oregon Garden on our 3rd anniversary. I love the colors. Letters courtesy of my parents & sister/brother-in-law, who went together and got me the DoodleType cartridge. I used some pop-up dots on some of the butterflies. I just love how it turned out.

We take a lot of pictures of ourselves because, well. . .there are no children involved, and I have to have enough pictures to complete a double page spread.

Note to Nat, Gig, and Kerri Rae: I thought about you three the whole time I was there. Scrapping is never the same because it's hard to get people annoyed and staring at me by myself ;) I miss you.

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