Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hallmark sadness, and i don't mean the commercials

I love Hallmark. I literally could spend hours in there reading all the cards. So it will come as no surprise to you that I spent a good chunk of time in there this past weekend shopping for Valentines. I was in there so long that my darling husband decided to let me read while he took up rest on a bench out front. I report that sadly, I only found one good card. It's for my sister. I can't even share it with you yet in case she's reading this. We always try to find each other funny cards. Her last card, that I got around Christmas time, was actually a Halloween card. It was a green witch that sang or screeched when I opened it up, most special to me because my almost four year old nephew picked it out. Yes, her Halloween song arrived in time for Christmas carol season (and I think I have a problem with procrastination). She'll laugh at this one. I did. Not to mention she should get it on the right holiday as well.

Hallmark had no good mom and dad cards. (Sorry, Dad. . .most faithful blog reader.) No good Grandma cards. Even the friend cards weren't all that great. And saddest of all, I didn't find a husband card. I bought a couple, but I was so not impressed with Hallmark on Saturday. They didn't even give me those nifty gold seals that let people know I care enough to send the very best. In fact, the only good thing about that whole experience was I had a coupon to buy three, get one free. Took me a long time to find that fourth card.

That means I've got to shut the TV off this week and let my creative juices flow. Write from the heart with meaning and feelings and gusto. Which is kind of hard when I think the juices are currently dried up. Bone dry. Not a drop left in the ol' juice box. I feel like a Capri Sun that's had it all squeezed out of me.

People sometimes ask what your dream job would be. I have always thought it would be fun to be a Hallmark card creator/writer. Apparently, after this year, they could use some fresh blood in there.

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