Monday, February 2, 2009

evidence of a day gone good

It was back to school this morning after a little disappointment over the whole "the Steelers win the SuperBowl" fiasco. I was cheering for the underdogs. The ones in red. The ones who deserved to win it all. I wanted them to win. I really did. And besides, any good north eastern Ohio girl is soooooo not voting for those crummy Steelers (you, know it's that whole rivalry thing with the Browns). Ahhh. . .the Cards were so close. But, alas, it was not meant to be.

And how 'bout that woman drilling the poor coach from Arizona after he had just lost. I was like "Seriously, can you just leave the poor man alone? He just lost the SuperBowl. He's not going to Disney World (although I'm sure he can certainly afford to if he wanted). Give him some breathing room for crying out loud!!!"

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I was totally glued to the tube the whole day. I mostly like the SuperBowl because of the commercials. The rest of the time I was grading papers, browsing profiles on Facebook, reading blogs, and taking a little nap. Just 15 minutes. It wasn't very long. But it was Sunday. The day of rest. And I take naps on Sundays.

Our friend Marty came over. Marty, who gets some kind of special signal on his fancy phone every time I update my blog. Marty, the one who got lost in Houston a few days before our wedding. Marty, who wore black and yellow. In my house. On SuperBowl Sunday. Marty, the guy who redeemed himself for wearing Steeler colors by stopping at Safeway on his way over to get me a bag of brown sugar so I could make my sister's favorite pot-luckish dish, Little Smokies Wrapped in 1/2 Slice of Turkey Bacon Toothpicked Together and Crock-Potted on Low with About 1/2 Bag of Brown Sugar. (And yes, they are that easy. And yes, they are so good. And no, you don't have to add anything else.) Marty, the guy who noticed that I am bothered when other people are invading other people's personal space - case in point, woman reporter interviewing the losing coach. The poor guy kept backing up and she kept coming in for the kill. Marty, the guy who stuck around for the bonus episode of The Office so we could watch it on the big TV. (Phil is not a fan of that show, but he did watch it with us. And laughed. Yes, he laughed.)

Anyway, with all that behind us, today we got back into the school groove. I say we, because it included 22 little darlings who wanted to talk SuperBowl smack for about the first 20 minutes of the day. It went something like this. . .

"Hey, did you see the Doritos commercial where the guy threw the snow globe?"

"Ya, but I liked the one where all that money was coming out of the ATM. I wish that would happen to me someday."


I had finally heard enough and did what any good teacher would do - made them take out their journals and write about it!!! When they get old enough to blog, they are so going to thank me! I am happy to report that most of them were cheering for the Cardinals too. Makes my heart proud to see that I'm rubbing off on them in such a small, but influential way.

Here is more evidence that my day was a day gone good. . .
  • I found out that Pumpkin Spice creamer is a good alternative to French vanilla creamer in my morning cup of tea. And it smells good too.
  • My kids actually practiced their lines over the weekend. We're doing chapel next Wednesday. It's a love theme, of course. And they have a lot of lines to memorize. Well, some of them.
  • My kids sang so sweetly as we were practicing that they had a little entourage gathered outside the door listening in. What's even sweeter is that they don't even know how sweet they were.
  • My kids also earned their last 10 points to get a party. Every time they get a compliment about their behavior from another teacher, they earn 10 points. After 100 points, they get to pick an envelope. A rigged envelope, I might add. So, it looks like I feel a non-holiday party - popcorn & a movie - coming on. Because that's what I've rigged all the envelopes to be this time around.
  • Phil thawed meat for dinner.
  • I forgot how painful Ellyptical #1 can be. It's 10 times harder to pedal than the others. I usually try to go for number 2, but my brain apparently quit functioning for a split second. However painful, I still made it the whole 35 minutes.
  • Tacos don't turn out all that bad when you use 1/2 package of taco seasoning and 1/2 package of fajita seasoning.
  • And look what was waiting for me on the reserved shelf at the library today?

The book I've been waiting for :) I've only read the first 5 pages and already have a favorite quote. It's from the Introduction. . . "Use the hundred suggestions to stock your blog with fresh content and help make blogging fun again. Your site will rock so hard that you will gaze upon your typing fingers in wonder."

So, with that, let me get off here so I can start gazing at my fingers. Because they make my site rock so hard.


Sandra said...

I am so with you on the personal space thing...and Schwen, I was thinking the same thing about that women reporter. If she got any closer to his face she could've given him a peck on the cheek! I've noticed that Aussies tend to stand very close to you when they talk to you as well. Makes me slowly back up...out of my personal space, people! Loved the blog today.

Marty Gould said...

Thanks for the blog love, Wendy. BTW, I use Google Reader to read all my blogs in. It lets me know when there are new posts, although it doesn't link up with the fancy phone. Google Reader is a glorious thing.