Wednesday, January 28, 2009

because some of you are not my friend on facebook but yet you faithfully read my blog. . .

I was tagged about 15 times this week to post 25 random things about myself. I finally did it. But as you'll soon read, this was the 2nd time I did it. I decided to copy and paste it on here because there's not much else to write about. Except for the fact that report cards went home today and I always dread the day after. Especially after last year. But that's a story for another day. I also went to the grocery store and spent $111 on a few pieces of meat and some produce. YOWZA. Well, ok, there was some dairy and bread thrown in there. And some extra fiber packed oatmeal packets for the hubs. Cause we can all use a little more fiber, right? I also wanted to post this on here because. . .well, you'll see in #9.

*Please note - I get wordy on these things. (But if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you already knew that.)

1. I actually wrote my 25 random things Monday night. Then as I was tagging people, I accidentally clicked on someone's name, which then took me to their page, and when I tried to make my way back, everything was gone. I tried refreshing it. AND I GOT NOTHING. I immediately logged off in frustration. It's only because I love you all so much that I'm doing this again.
2. My frustration only got worse as the night went on. I dumped a 1/2 gallon of iced tea all over the inside of the refrigerator and all over the freshly mopped kitchen floor. At 11:30 at night.
3. I love diet cherry coke, the kind made with grenadine.
4. I have taught for 12 years - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, some grades taught at the same time in combination. 5th grade wins with 5 years. Let's just say it was a very long 5 years.
5. I have 7 hours of my master's program done. Ran out of money, so I stopped. I haven't gone back. . .yet.
6. Did you know I love scrapbooking?
7. I didn't get to pick out my bridesmaids' dresses. Long story. Ask "THE Dr.Phil" for details. (Let's just say the owner of Bride & Party is a wack-o and she's no longer in business, saving many a bride from tears and anger and frustration.)
8. Speaking of weddings, I have no good formal pictures of Phil and I from our wedding day. Our photographer lost all those particular ones when his portable digital hard drive crashed, and apparently no one was taking pictures with him. I can still cry about it if I think about it long enough.
9. I am the proud owner/creator/author of two blogs. Yes, two. (I know what you're thinking - how on earth do you have time to maintain two? I make time, people.) If you are computer savvy enough, or if you got my Christmas letter, you'll be able to read all the fabulous details of my life. And trust me, they are fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, people I don't even know from North Carolina and people I do know in Australia check in every day.
10. I love anything Satsuma scented from The Body Shop.
11. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas. Blue ones, preferably.
12. I hoard stationery and paper products. That must be why scrapbooking seemed so natural because I hoard that stuff too. But don't worry, I don't hoard enough to be put on the Oprah show.
13. I haven't played my piano since we moved to Vancouver - over 2 years ago. It's currently collecting dust and is in need of a good tuning.
14. I have more nicknames than I could ever care to count. Those friends closest to me call me Schwen. It's a true term of endearment.
15. My nieces and nephews call me Aunt Dee. Apparently my nephew only heard the -dy part of Wendy when he was really little, so he started calling me Aunt Dee and it's stuck ever since. And I love it.
16. I buy myself a sweater every year for Christmas. It's tradition.
17. I once lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee's very own " little house in the ghetto" with the ghetto girls.
18. Every time I hear the song "Lifted Up by Angels" by Ashton, Becker, Dente', I think of the ghetto girls and burning candles and grass green carpet and eggplant and cross-stitch and Miss New York. and. . . well, it's too long of a list to keep going.
19. As a kid, I loved going on field trips. As a teacher, I absolutely hate them. Hate planning them. Hate organizing the buses. Hate trying to keep children under control in places that are unfamiliar. (I know. . .down with Mrs. Bergland!!!)
20. I can spend hours by myself in Barnes and Noble. Therefore, it's best that I go by myself.
21. I have directed VBS at my church twice. The year I was Lady Wendivere during SonCastle Faire. . .oh my word. . .the most fun ever.
22. I love to bake and try new dessert recipes. And I'm quite good at it. In fact, if I show up at Phil's aunt and uncle's without dessert. . .well there's more to be said about death by lack of chocolate.
23. I once almost cut my toe off after making dessert once. It was pumpkin cheesecake and the crust needed crushed gingersnaps. I was drying off the food processor blade and it slipped out of my hand. After passing out when the guy shot my toe twice and four stitches later, I was wearing flip flops to school for about 6 weeks. (There is a picture of it on my blog if you are so inclined.) I also passed out when the stitches were removed. It was incredibly painful.
24. The first thing I'm going to buy if we ever get our own place is a dog. A lab.
25. It never occurred to me that someday I'd meet the man I was going to marry on a Christian matchmaking site on the internet. It also never occurred to me that I'd move 2,000 miles away from my friends and family. But I did. And it's been the absolute most amazing thing that's ever happened to me!

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