Monday, December 22, 2008

you just can't stop the men in brown

While Phil was out scraping the ice and snow off his car, the UPS truck pulled up. WOO-HOO! Go Brown!!!! We'd been expecting him because we were waiting on an important package . . . Christmas presents from my parents and from my sister and her family. Oh, and Mom's famous popcorn balls in red & green that I begged and pleaded for this year. So very festive. So very exciting :)

Then just a few minutes ago, my Mom called to tell me that two of the four boxes we'd sent them arrived today. They should hopefully get the other one tomorrow. And that last little box I just mailed on Saturday - well, it could very well still be sitting at the airport somewhere. There aren't (and haven't been) a whole lot of planes leaving Portland due to all the ice. So, that means my poor brother might get his gifts in time for New Year's. Well, he's about ready to help bring a new baby girl into this world, so I'm sure he won't even miss it. He's keeping his fingers crossed for a Christmas delivery.

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Kellie said...

Glad the package arrived! Hope yours arrive on time!!!