Sunday, November 16, 2008

there's no place quite like burgerville

I've been seening the signs on the billboards, Burgerville was calling me. I've been avoiding it. I've been trying to resist the temptation. But I knew it would get me sooner or later. Phil and I went to lunch at Burgerville today. For. Strictly. One. Reason.

Burgerville is unique in that everything they sell comes from the northwest. Their motto : Our partners include local businesses throughout the region as well as companies that share our values: fresh, local, sustainable. Beef comes from local farms, milk from nearby dairies, cheese from the Tillamook Cheese Factory, potatoes and onions from eastern WA, halibut and salmon from the Pacific, and last, but certainly not least, pumpkins from the pumpkin patch in Corvallis which result in this. . .

OK, let me just tell you - that pumpkin milkshake is divine!!! Phil asked me while we were eating if there was a similar place in Ohio. And I came up with nothin' folks. Bob Evans is down on the farm fresh and all, but it's not all local. When my parents arrived here this summer, it was close to their dinner time and Dad wanted to go someplace they didn't have back home. So I took them to Burgerville.

You can only find Burgerville in Oregon and Washington. And you have to be on the western side of both states. In fact, there are signs on the way to Spokane in eastern Washington that say, "Next Burgerville. . .25,000 miles" (or something insane like that - meaning you'd have to drive all around the stinkin' planet and land back here to get to one again.)

So anyone who comes out here to visit can expect a meal at Burgerville. But trust me, you'll want to book your tickets for October or November so you can get yourself a pumpkin milkshake.

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