Tuesday, November 25, 2008

being thankful - day 2

On Sunday I played a song on the piano for the offertory. I don't know if very many people knew the song or not, but it has great words. In fact, I was singing it to myself as I was playing.

In All Things Give Him Thanks

And in all things give Him thanks
And in all things let your gratitude shine through
And in all things give Him thanks
For He has given all things unto you

Here are my 5 for today. . .

1. I'm thankful for hospitals. Currently my only living grandmother is in one. She was having some chest pains last night (on top of falling twice after having a procedure done on her back last week). I'm thankful for medication she could take to keep her heart pumping, for the sweet friends who transported her there today, and for the doctors and nurses who are taking care of her right now. They're running tests to determine if the pains she was having were from her heart or from someplace else in her body. She's 88. She's frail. She loves her Jesus. And I know she'd appreciate your prayers.

2. I'm thankful for my new glasses. Yes, folks, the Trendy Wendy glasses have arrived.

3. I'm thankful I was able to talk to two of my nephews on the phone today. Carson is 4. He told me his favorite color was yellow and that he gets to ride on the big train. Darick is 9. He informed me that he's now into Star Wars. He was at Grandma's making his list and checking it twice. (The picture is from Christmas break a year ago. I went in and had lunch with Darick at school.)

4. I'm thankful for the RedBox down at McDonald's where you can rent movies for $1.08 a day. This is despite the fact that we somehow turned in an empty DVD holder and were charged $25 on our checking account this morning. As an extra special added bonus, we get to keep the movie!!!! So if anyone wants to watch Fool's Gold, let me know. I'm charging $1.00 a day. Hey, it's cheaper than the RedBox. HA!!!

5. I'm thankful I was able to lower the interest rate on one of my credit cards this morning. By 13.25%. That's. A. Lot. Seriously, they were committing highway robbery on me. But not any more!!!!

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