Thursday, July 23, 2015

sauvie island + cathedral park

Yesterday, in the name of self-care and friendship, I took the day off from my studying and went on a get-out-of-Vancouver trip with my friend Barbara. She knows just when to rescue me from the bottomless pit of depression and homework, and it was refreshing to my soul to spend the day with her. I was told not to wear flip flops (so I wasn't sure where we were going) and when I got to her house she had my favorite iced tea waiting in the fridge. We visited her mom in the nursing home and she treated me to lunch. Then we drove out to Sauvie Island, the fruit and vegetable mecca of Portland. They always have the best berries there. We picked some fresh, ripe peaches (with which I'm about to make a peach crisp) and drove around the island enjoying the awesome cool and slightly cloudy summer day.

On our way back into Portland, we drove across my favorite bridge so she could take me to Cathedral Park. We lived not very far from there when Phil505 and I were first married. In fact, on the way home, we drove by our old house - so strange to see it again after like 10 years. Anyway, I have always wanted to go to this park, so we did. The architecture of the bridge is simply awesome. You can totally see why it's called Cathedral Park. It's a pretty popular place for wedding pics, senior pics, and family pics. I want to get our pictures taken here soon.
St. John's Bridge. . . the supports are massive.

So thankful for my friend who always just seems to know when I need some time away.


bmarquez said...

Beautiful pictures and time together. You are just the friend I needed in my life! I love spending time with you Wendy!

Luci Smith said...

I remember walking over the St. Johns bridge when I was training for my marathon a few years ago. It was of the fastest pace I ever did. Love friends like Barbara........