Wednesday, January 28, 2015

january update

Things have been quiet around here lately. That would be the result of two things:
1. I've been sick since the week after Christmas and ended up with pneumonia and
2. I started grad school with Liberty University's online program.

However, today there's no school because someone strangely planned a day off in the middle of the week as an "if-we-need-it-snow-day-makeup" and we didn't need it. So now that my hair has been cut and highlighted :) I'll fill you in on things.

My first class is Advanced Educational Psychology. It's 8 weeks long and oh. my. word. the reading! We have two texts and they have long chapters. So far what I like about it is that there are deadlines. Deadlines are really good for people like me who choose to mostly procrastinate. It's turning out to be that something is due midweek - discussion boards, and then the rest is due by 11:59 pm EST Sunday night, so that's 8:59 pm for me. There are videos to watch, power points to read or listen to, projects to finish, and this week I have to interview 4 students at various ages and ask them the same 5 questions and analyze them based on where they are in the stages of development. My first paper in like, oh, 15 years. From what I can tell there are 17 other people in my class and they are mostly from the east coast. We had to introduce ourselves back in week one. This is week 3 and it's kicking my behind. When this class is done, I have a 10 day break before starting the next one. And. . . I can't remember off the top of my head what class that will be.

Two weekends ago we went down to Sweet Home, OR, to attend the memorial service of my sister-in-law's father. This neat-o covered bridge was right down the street from the church.

Our weather's been pretty relaxed lately. We've had some beautiful sunrises, lots of fog, and a 60 degree day on Saturday. Yes, the daffodils are coming up! (Sorry Dawn.) When I went out the other morning to leave for school, all the contrails in the sky were pink.
You've probably heard by now, but the Buckeyes won the national championship!!!. Phil, my most favorite Duck fan, was not very happy, but I think now he's excited about the Superbowl. Go Seahawks! I'm just hoping that I actually have my homework done in time to watch the game with him.

I've stayed busy with subbing this month, mostly covering for a friend who's recovering from surgery. That's meant small groups for reading and lots of dibels testing. I'm looking forward to the day when subbing will be a thing of the past. That's a good 2 years away, so for now, I guess I'm happy to stay so loved as a sub.

Wilson says hi. He got to go to the dog park one day this week which made him incredibly happy. He also got a bath which made mom incredibly happy.

So that's what's been going on over here. Until next time. . .


bmarquez said...

Nice to have you back on the blog! I'd almost given up but at least had the inside knowledge there was a lot on your plate. Great pics!

Dawn said...

Even though I am extremely jealous of your 60 degree temps (and daffodils!) I am so happy to see you blogging again :) glad you are feeling better, too! Miss you!