Thursday, October 9, 2014

day 9

Topic #9 - 9 things that made me smile today

1. Getting a picture text from my husband of his computer screen at work. He took the National Counselor's Exam on Monday and passed! Yesterday his office put an announcement on the employee home page congratulating him. I'd share the picture, but there's probably something confidential in the background, so I won't, even though I really want to.

2. Most of the schools that I work in post a list of subs that are in the building each day. Today I was back in the building where I taught last year and I saw this as I walked down the hall in the office. I could be wrong, but I think they love me.

3. In one of the reading groups I worked with today, there was a picture of a welcome mat. We were discussing what welcome meant and one boy talked about how they had a sign on the door of their house that said welcome. Then another boy said, "Mrs. Bergland, you know those bug zappers that light up and fries the bugs? I want to get one and put a welcome sign on it for all the bugs. It'll look all nice and they'll want to come in, but instead they'll just get buzzed." I laughed out loud at that one.

4. At lunch, one of the staff assistants was talking on the phone to her mom. She checks in with her pretty much everyday. Well, she gets to the end of her call and says, "I love you." And a male voice out from the copy room says, "I love you too." Maybe you'd have to know that particular male personally, but it was pretty darn funny.

5. The sunshine. It's coming to an end probably tomorrow since we're supposed to get some remnants of a tropical storm that's been blowing across the ocean. But today, it was nice to be out in it.
6. Wilson on his walk. We went to a park we go to often, but today we walked through a little path that goes through the trees. We had never gone back there before. He was so happy to have something new to sniff. I mean like insanely happy. I wish I had recorded it.
7. I saw this posted on facebook. Seriously, who writes those stupid story problems anyway?

8. I was getting some music out for worship team practice. One of the songs we're singing Sunday is called Ancient Words. Phil was standing there and I said something about the song and mentioned the title. He goes, "Oh, is that like Modern Words?" Such a cornball, that guy.

9. My sister telling me today that she has a son-in-law. Her 18 year old step daughter flew to Japan to get married to her fiance who's in the military. It's not something that we all particularly wanted to happen, but it did. And now my sister has a son-in-law.

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