Monday, October 20, 2014

day 20

Topic 20: the current currents

hoping that my calendar fills up with easy sub jobs.
listening to The Voice and the rain.
eating (tomorrow morning) apple cinnamon steel cut oats, minus the flax seed. Another crockpot recipe. It already smells amazing and I just turned it on.
drinking diet coke. should be water at this point.
procrastinating on finishing up my quilt square. Cross-stitching piano keys is taking a lot longer than I thought.
smelling freshly cleaned carpets. I'm embarrassed to say they hadn't been cleaned since we moved in. It was way beyond time. And they look a thousand times better than when I left this morning.
trying new recipes. The Olive Garden pasta e. fagioli copy cat soup recipe was a big success, although it does have two cans of beans in it and I'm usually a one can of beans per soup kinda gal. 
organizing our next couple of ladies' events at church. . . our favorite things party and our Christmas luncheon - Winter Wonderland.
enjoying Asian chicken wraps from Costco. Totally would buy those again.
laughing at my parents and their lunch at Panera Bread today :)   Dad, next time go for the bacon turkey bravo on tomato basil bread and the Asian chicken salad. Trust me on this.
crying over this video. Seriously, get the tissues ready. All life is precious.
loving fall. The colors. The flavors. The change in seasons.
reading this book. A lot of sad stories about kids. A lot of interesting things about brain development. It was recommended last year at one of our staff meetings by our principal.
needing a new hand mixer. Mine died.
making nothing. . . except ideas in my mind of things I see on pinterest of what I'd like to make.
planning our trunk for Trunk or Treat. Think Frozen in pumpkin form.
thinking about Darick. It was a rough day for him.
craving a pumpkin milkshake from Burgerville. 'Tis the season.

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