Saturday, October 18, 2014

day 18 (ya, i missed a couple)

Topic 17 - Show us what's on your bookshelves

I've been wanting to do this one for a few days, but I wasn't about to take pictures of dusty bookshelves. So today I got out the Swiffer cloths, straightened stuff up, and here you go. Our bookshelves. Well, minus the small one in the kitchen that has my cookbooks and a bunch of other randomness.

First up: the master bedroom bookshelf. It was handmade by the husband of one of my mom's dearest friends, as was the one in the guest room you'll see in a bit. They were the first pieces of furniture I bought for my first apartment. This one is tucked into a corner by the window and it holds a lot of sentimental and personal things. 
Like, the very first picture of us together (middle) and a glass rose which needs some glue that Phil505 brought me the very first time he came to visit and a Willow Tree couple figurine which I got for Valentine's Day.
The cards we sent each other before we got married, and all the subsequent birthday, anniversary, Easter, Kwanzaa, etc. all tucked inside the same thing our wedding cards were placed in (a planter box, actually). Sea shells from the beaches we went to in Florida on our honeymoon. A bag of buttons.
All the journals I've ever written in. Well, except one. I burned that one. But we won't go there. The purple one is a journal of letters I wrote to Phil. I started it before we were married. And I need to write a new one. It's been a long time.
Our ring bearer pillow and guest book that's starting to yellow :(     And a cedar chest that my Uncle Robert made me as a college graduation present. Among other things, it holds my Sparks vest from Awana.
A bunch of Bibles. My Martha Stewart Keepsake Wedding Planner, a red binder full of places to see in Florida that Phil had ready for our honeymoon, and a white folder with printed copies of the very first messages and emails we sent to each other. I'd really like to get those made into a book someday.
Now we move from sappy and sentimental to the man cave. This one came from Ikea and I love it except it collects dog hair like you wouldn't believe. All but one little cubby on this shelf was planned by the man of the house. Since I usually dust, I take liberties to move stuff around and make it look good.
We have a small, but growing, collection of ball caps. Ohio is well represented. He got the football after the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl. I got the clock for him for his birthday last year. This shelf also occasionally doubles as a toolbox.
Here's my Ohio State shelf. Go Bucks! There's room for a cute little Brutus. Hint. Hint.
Phil graduated from Eastern Washington University and we found the Eastern sign at the farmer's market this summer for $5. I love the old picture of him and his brothers. He's got some of his counseling books and a bunch of commentaries and Bible study books that were his dad's.
And finally, the guest bedroom shelf. It's a taller version of the one in our bedroom. It holds a few of my books and my teaching portfolio, but most of the books belong to Phil.
There's also a basket that holds water color supplies, a cool rustic vase I got for a bridal shower gift, and a picture of his parents. We got that ornament at Buchart Gardens this summer. I put it there because all the Christmas stuff is in the attic in the garage.
And since the dog crate is in this room, we also keep a small dish of Scooby Snacks :)
Now you know what my bookshelves look like. I feel like I've bared part of my soul.

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