Friday, July 25, 2014

fisgard lighthouse

On one of our little explorations around Victoria, we stumbled upon the Fisgard Lighthouse. (OK, we really didn't stumble upon it. Phil505 did a little pre-vacation research and knew it was there.) It's on a historical military fort, similar to Fort Stevens on the Oregon coast. It was built in 1859 and was the first permanent lighthouse on the Pacific coast of Canada. And, it's quite possibly the prettiest lighthouse I've ever seen. I think it's because of all that red.

Phil505 and I sort of have a 'thing' for lighthouses. On my first trip out to the northwest we went to the Yaquina Head and Cape Meares lighthouses. We climbed the Jupiter Inlet lighthouse in Florida on our honeymoon, and I've been to several more on the Oregon coast in the last 10 years. Now we can add a Canadian one to our list.
I loved this brick archway inside that led to the spiral staircase.
The view from the top. . .

Because it was close to closing time, we only had about a half hour to explore the park and about 20 minutes of that was walking from the parking lot to the lighthouse and then back to the parking lot. But it was worth it for this view.

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bmarquez said...

I agree. . . . it's the prettiest one I've seen.