Friday, April 4, 2014


Spring break has finally arrived. The teachers were happy today. The kids were happy today. Even Flo the therapy dog was happy today. There were reward parties, homemade salsa in the teacher's lounge, and rootbeer floats in Mr. Avery's room. The sun was shining, the weatherman says we're going to have a fantastic week, and now we're done for a bit. Hallelujah.

I'm planning a pretty low key break. Well, low key as in we're not going anywhere tropical. I have big plans for the scrapbook room/office which includes taking everything out of the room, purging, painting, putting together some Ikea Expedit shelves, and finally getting that room organized. I should also deep clean my kitchen and finish up some trim work in the other rooms I've updated and have yet to share. Then there's yard work and a trip to the vet and I need to squeeze in some exercise.

Thank you for asking. The exercise challenge is going well. I took a picture of my desk calendar (please ignore the coffee spills) where I've been keeping track of my minutes. Fridays tend to be lazy days, but that's ok. Nothing says, "get off your butt and do something" quite like your minutes posted in an excel spreadsheet  for fellow staff members to see. Accountability is motivating, people.
Week 1 - 140 minutes
Week 2 - 210 minutes
Week 3 - 120 minutes
Week 4 - 195 minutes
Week 5 - 190 minutes
A weekend or so we went over to Portland for something at the Expo Center. It was the wrong weekend, but at least we had a nice view of the mountain. And we stopped at Ross where I found a super cute new purse. I'd say it was a win-win afternoon.
I am super excited that we are planning a trip to Victoria, B.C. for our 10th anniversary. It will include an overnight in Seattle where we're going to see the Indians play the Mariners. Go Tribe! It will also include a ferry ride to Canada with our soon to be purchased enhanced driver's licenses, a visit to the famous Butchart Gardens, and perhaps high tea at the Empress Hotel. We're still debating on that. Everyone I've talked to that's been there says to splurge and do the tea thing. I'm sure I'd love it, Phil505, maybe not so much. If we can work it out, there will be a stop at Hobby Lobby on our way back home because all of our great road trips always end up at some sort of paper store.

Have a nice weekend!

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