Thursday, December 19, 2013

o christmas meme, o christmas meme. . .

Q: What is your favorite Christmas song?
You know, I can't really answer this question because I have too many favorites (which is why I'm posting 12 carols). O Holy Night, All is Well, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, the Nutcracker soundtrack. I could go on and on. I love Christmas music!

Q: What is your favorite Christmas special/movie?
I've never really been a Christmas movie kind of person. I didn't watch It's a Wonderful Life until I married Phil505. Growing up we loved the Garfield Christmas and Claymation Christmas specials. And, good grief, who could forget Charlie Brown?

Q: What sort of goodies do you make in December?
Buckeyes, peanut butter blossoms, Andes mint cookies, and almond roca. My mom usually sends me some of her popcorn balls. I'm not into making fudge, and, while I love it, I've never in my life made Chex mix.

Q: Favorite Christmas beverage?
Cranberry ginger ale, white chocolate mochas. I'm not really into peppermint or gingerbread flavored drinks and eggnog grosses me out.

Q: Favorite Christmas dog?
Wilson, the wet-nosed reindeer. 

I totally just made that question up.

Q: How many Christmas parties do you usually attend?
Parties? Not a whole lot. I host the ladies' event at church and my cookie exchange. We have a white elephant party this weekend with some church friends and a church family dinner Sunday evening. I think that's it.
Q: Do you go Christmas caroling? Does anyone carol at your house?
It's been a long time - like since high school/college. No one has caroled at our house in the 10 Christmases we've had together.

Q: What's on your front door at Christmas?
A wreath with white poinsettias and white lights. I want a lit garland for around the door, but it's not been in the budget.

Q: When do you put your tree up and take it down?
We usually get the tree the afternoon of the ladies' party (we were a few days late this year) and it stays up for a few days after Christmas. Or until it starts looking too dead and I see needles all over the floor.
Q: Do you decorate with traditional red and green? Or with other colors?
We have blue, turquoise, white, and silver in the living room and red/lime green in the dining room. The family room gets the leftovers.

Q: How many Christmas trees do you put up? 
Just one. We had a fake pencil tree when we first got married, but it went to Goodwill when we moved into the apartment. I want another one. My goal is to have a sports themed tree in the family room. Seahawks, Mariners, Ducks, Ohio State. . .

Q: Are your Christmas decorations themed or hodgepodge?

Themed, I guess. We have several Nativities set up and lots of snowmen stuff around. I got this one from a 2nd grade student named Gretel. Her parents were from India (I know, you weren't quite expecting me to say India) and I love how the building reminds me of the Taj Mahal.
Q: Ham, turkey, both, or something else for Christmas dinner?
Growing up, it seemed like ham or turkey. Now it just depends on where we are. If it's just the two of us for Christmas Eve, we go out to our favorite Chinese place after the Christmas Eve service. In that case, it will be sesame chicken with steamed broccoli.

Q: Do you have any traditions that are unusual or out of the ordinary?
Just a musical date night, not really anything unusual. This year we are planning on going to the Grotto in Portland. I've always wanted to go at Christmas. They have the Festival of Lights and concerts in the chapel. There's also a display of Nativities from all over the world. 

Q: Do you display Christmas cards in a particular way?
Last year I made this card wreath out of an embroidery hoop and some mini clothespins. It's looking kind of empty this year. I LOVE getting Christmas cards and always make a big deal out of who we get our first card from each year. I swear it's always Glen and Lorraine, our first landlords.

Q: What do you do with Christmas cards you have received after the holidays are over?
I still have a lot of photo cards from years past in a box. Some years (when I've made a December Daily album) I've punched holes in them and included them as pages, or used a big square punch and made collages out of them. If it's a handmade card or something special (like one from my grandma) they get saved and scrapbooked. The rest go in the recycle bin.
Q: Christmas newsletters? Love 'em or hate 'em? 
I love getting them, but I think they're becoming fewer and far between with all the social media in our lives. I haven't done a card or a letter yet this year. I have the stamps, I bought the stationery, but I don't have the photo cards done. Not sure if it's going to happen this year or not.

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