Tuesday, December 10, 2013

christmas is. . .

Christmas is reminiscing through old photos and scrapbooks of Christmases past (which I did this morning).
Christmas is getting a Cabbage Patch Kid and a fluffy white bear. (You are rockin' those glasses, Jenny.)
Christmas is baking, wrapping, gifting, crafting, taking pictures, decorating, and singing carols over and over and over again.
Christmas is getting the highly coveted Chia Pet. I know you're jealous.
Christmas is taking cookies to your great grandpa. And  few years down the road bringing the kids' choir you were directing over to his little white house to sing Away in a Manger. Miss you, Gramps.
Christmas is funky kids' artwork.
Christmas is getting to Minneapolis just ahead of a blizzard and being stuck overnight at the airport. Then getting your final destination changed. Then losing your luggage for a few days.

Christmas is getting a new iron and ironing board. And a weird looking stuffed cat. And showing off all your stuff on the couch.
Christmas is using the same profile picture on facebook five years in a row. One of my all-time favorite pictures of us.
Christmas is picking out the cutest puppy in the litter. The one with the biggest paws.
Christmas is driving around and around trying to find the perfect tree lot. Then finding the perfect tree for a bargain price.
Christmas is cards and happy mail and letters from friends who are so far away.
 Christmas is musical date nights.

Christmas is getting the Nativities out and setting them up around the house. And remembering the real reason for Christmas in the first place.

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bmarquez said...

I see I've missed quite a few posts. It's either feast or famine with your blogs. I like the feast.