Saturday, November 30, 2013


Top 10 things I'm currently thankful for. . . 

1. My Heavenly Father, His care and provision for us can take me by surprise sometimes, but it shouldn't. I should already be aware that He knows what I need before I ask Him.
2. My husband. He makes me laugh. He holds me when I cry. He tells me he loves me a thousand times a day. We were meant to be together.
3. My family. I miss them like crazy, so it's good that they usually answer the phone when I call.
4. A new job. I start on Monday with in-school training and observation. My official district training is Dec. 16-20th. Feeling happy, nervous, and hopeful.
5. For friends (more like adopted family) who open their home up to us so we have somewhere to go on the holidays. Until you're thousands of miles away from your own family, you'll have no idea how good it feels to be welcomed and included and made to feel like you belong.
6. My dog. He drools a lot, shreds paper into millions of tiny little bits, and can be completely annoying, but he greets me at the door every single day with his tail wagging 90 miles and hour and keeps me company long after Phil's gone to bed.

7. Technology. Being able to keep up with so many different people who are so far away is the coolest thing. Seriously, how did we ever survive without the internet? Today we finally upgraded our old flip phones. To say it was time is an understatement. Costco finally had a deal we just couldn't pass up, and this afternoon we brought home two Samsung Galaxy S4's, one in black (his) and one in white (hers). Major learning curve ahead, but I'm excited about Instagram and all that good stuff.
8. For our home. We were coming back from somewhere the other day and Phil said something like, "I wish I could've bought you a bigger house." And I said, "I like our house. It fits us." I don't need bigger. That would just take a lot longer to clean.
9. Music. It's a big part of my life every single day. This morning I went shopping with a few friends and as soon as we walked in the store, my brain immediately signaled on the Christmas carols that were playing in the background. I could hum and sing all day long, and sometimes I do.
10. My washer and dryer and dishwasher. Yeah for things that make life easier!

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bmarquez said...

I'm thankful for our "special" friendship! What would I do without you? You and Phil are family to us.