Wednesday, July 17, 2013

sisterhood of the traveling crafts: part 2

What can be more fun than getting real live happy mail from three of your best friends? I'd have to say, revealing the final project via facebook messaging at 5:00 on a Monday night. Waiting for the pictures to pop up and then being amazed at how different they are all was so much fun. Plus, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. You know how it is when the old stories about people eating shampoo and Little Debbies make big Debbies and Jean the Ripper come out of hiding. (We had the best time in college, I'll tell you that.)

Seriously. . . this was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Remember, we started out with these same supplies which were a secret until they arrived in our mailbox.

Our ground rules were that we would choose our own wreath base, and we could add something or not use something - which we mostly kept to, I'd say. And, most importantly, we didn't show each other our projects until our big facebook message reveal. So without further ado I present to you the first traveling crafts of the sisterhood. . . (I say first because without a doubt we will do this again!)

Here's Kerry's:

She used the wood base from a canvas she had painted and didn't want anymore and then folded & stapled the burlap ribbon all the way around. I think her little ribbon flag is super cute. That scalloped edge canvas board was one piece I just couldn't figure out how to use in mine. I also think how she folded and used the cupcake liners in the top left corner is pretty cool. How exactly did you do that, Ker?

Next up is Dawn's:
She used a straw wreath form and wrapped it in the twisty paper (which she untwisted first). She made the big red rosette behind the blue star as her addition. (Martha Stewart score board, anyone? Wait, can I say that around a Close to my Heart consultant? Maybe Martha Stewart stuff is contraband.) I think her burlap bow is darling. I'm so not good with bows as you'll see when you see mine.

And next we have Jenny's:
She also used the wood base from a canvas and painted it blue. And here's where the queen of unconventional Jenny Free (free & stolen crafts) comes into play - she used chicken wire as the base to hold all her goodies. We have yet to find out which chicken coop she robbed for the wire she spray painted black! ha ha  And she brought back her favorite trusty mossy stuff that made her so famous back in 1994. She's also a big fan of buckles, as you might have noticed, and used them to hold the scalloped canvas. I'm sure she was wearing her buckle shoes the entire time she made this.

Lastly, here's mine: 

I went with a yarn wreath. A cheap Catholic church's-rummage-sale-is-ending-so-everything's-half-price-and-I-got-it-for-a-quarter-wreath and some Vanna White yarn. (Cuz' nothing says stylin' like a little Vanna White.) I kind of like big clusters in one spot on yarn wreaths, so that's what I went for. I also didn't want to hot glue everything to the yarn, so after some thinking, I decided to use wooden skewers and hot glue those on to the backs of everything. I just broke off the end piece to fit where I wanted it to go. They worked great! They were pokey and I could move things around easily until I got them where I wanted them. The burlap ribbon is wired, so I just have it folded up over the door. I could tack it in place, but I haven't yet and it's been fine. 

So there you have it. Two square. Two round. All four completely different. The Sisterhood is now resting and gearing up for our next traveling crafts project. We haven't come to any final conclusions on what that might be, maybe fall, maybe Vegas glitter & bling, but I'll be sure to let you all in on the details. I'll also say this, get your own posse' of girlfriends together and have your own Sisterhood of the Traveling Crafts party. Have I mentioned that it's so much fun?!?!?!


Dawn said...

This was an absolute blast! The red rosette is actually a Cricut shape from the Close To My Heart exclusive Cricut cartridge: Artiste. Martha Stewart?! Not this CTMH girl!

michelle conroy said...

So much fun! I want in! I own a glue gun and I will use it!

Kerry said...

Brilliant skewering.

I'm so glad we did this! Tons of fun. I love how each of your wreaths turned out. So cute!

Luci Smith said...

What a fun idea to read about. I am so not crafty, but I like the idea of each having the supplies and using your imagination. I get stuck on phase of getting supplies. Great job ladies. I can't wait to see the next one.

Kellie said...

They are awesome! How neat that y'all had the same items but all are different! I am sure that WAS exciting during the big reveal!!!