Wednesday, May 22, 2013

on the 22nd day of may

today i wore a tank top with a SWEATER, warm socks, and my heavy coat. just two weeks ago it felt like arizona and we had record breaking temperatures. we've now had rain for just about two weeks straight. and it's getting colder. enough already.

today i made a big pot of taco soup for dinner because, well, see #1.

today i took a para-sub job that involved a room with a padded cell. well, not like a jail cell, but they call it 'the resolution room' and it's only about 4 feet x 4 feet and the walls are carpeted all the way to the ceiling. a lot of kids visited the resolution room today. it was like a revolving door. this sub gig has definitely allowed me to see the whole realm of public education these days. and it's so scary. kids. are. messed. up.

today it was a good thing i made a starbucks run before i got to the room with the padded cell. just sayin'.

today i mailed in the $16 dog license fee to make wilson legal again for another year.

today i got real live happy mail :) there's nothing like an old-fashioned handwritten letter arriving in your mailbox.

today i got gas for $3.95 a gallon.

today i got home and the dishwasher was running. thanks, babe.

today i folded the whites. now whether they'll actually get put away is another story.

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Luci Smith said...

Our room is called the calm room. It is a great way for kids to take breaks. We have fidget toys for them to take in and a bean bag and one of those calming heavy blankets. THOUGH the room is cleared out if a child is out of control and needs to calm ones self down. Actually it is only done this way with the parents permission doing it. It is a safe place for them to go to to calm their bodies down so no body gets hurt. Once they are calm we give them a 5 min. break and then talk about ways we could have handle the situation. I have seen this work and is so helpful to the students that use it. So many kids are hurting out there.....breaks my heart and makes me want to gain more experience in reaching them....I so love my job. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be doing this type of job. Even when pencils are thrown at me, getting head butted, name calling, spat at and such...I still love my job at the end of the day. God is amazing to have given me this amazing chance.
AND yes bring the warmer days back please.