Monday, May 13, 2013

note to random cop

Dear Mr. Policeman,

Thank you for your grace and mercy Friday night when I turned left on a red arrow. I saw you over there in the right lane. I was in the turn lane, daydreaming. I was tired. Scrapping late into the night at the church with Barbara and Rachel has that affect me, and I was thinking there was still going to be a detour from the street work going on. So my mind was all weirded out. I don't even know if you were aware that I turned, but I did. I kept glancing in my rear view mirror, begging for forgiveness and hoping that moving over that many lanes of traffic would just be too much. Apparently it was, because I made it home without the red and blue flashing lights.

I will never forget you.

a Vancouver driver


Luci Smith said...

I got pulled over with the kids in the car early this summer. It was very early morning doctors appointment. I did not have my headlights on, but the light was on in the car because the girls were reading. He gave me a warning.
I am happy you got home safe. :)

bmarquez said...

Scrapping is not a good enough excuse for breaking the LAW!!! I'm just thankful you see the error of your ways.

Dawn said...

I love your notes to random people :)

Dawn said...
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