Monday, March 11, 2013

i know. i'm a slacker.

I'm currently trying to get over laryngitis and a nasty cough. I haven't had my normal voice in about 6 days. I had another interview with Vanc. Public - this time for a certified sub position. About every 3rd word came out sounding right. Thankfully the two ladies interviewing me had mercy. Still waiting to hear back from HR.

Spring is popping up. The crocuses are blooming in the back, my first mini daffodil opened up just the other day, and the hyacinths are just about ready to make their grand appearance too.
We've actually had a few sunny days. Ahhh. . . sunny days. How I love to see the sun. So does Wilson. He found this stick the other day and ran himself tired, back and forth, around and around the deck. No throwing of the stick necessary. Note to self: Do some spring pruning and get rid of the dead stuff.
We went to Ikea a couple Sundays ago. Fell in love with these mugs. At the low, low price of $2.99 the Mr. and I now have matching mugs. Beer mugs, actually. Not that I need them for beer. I think I'll be going back for more. I love having handles to hold on to.
We tried out a new pizza place, the Rock, on a recent date night. It has rock-n-roll inspired decor and hand tossed crusts. The next day when we were eating the leftovers, I saw the tissue paper in the pizza box - coolest thing ever.


bmarquez said...

Nice to know you're alive and well.

Luci Smith said...

I love you and your blog even though you are a slacker. I am sure you were a good pet owner and took Wilson to the dog park on those sunny days. Poor Mika has not been back since I went with you.