Monday, February 18, 2013

recent fun finds on the interwebs

I've stumbled upon a couple of neat-o things online and I thought I'd share. Because I'm nice that way.

  • - Since we brought Wilson home, we've done an awful lot of walking. I don't know about you, but I kinda like knowing how far I've gone. We've even driven our walking routes a couple of times and used the mileage gauge to get an idea. Well, with mapmywalk, you can click away and  map out your route with a google-like map of your neighborhood and get an exact distance as well as incline. I think it's way cool. FYI - today we walked 1.63 miles and yesterday we went 2.37 miles. I'm sure there are lots of other features, but for now, I'm just mapping our regular routes.
  • 52 Lists - I love making lists. Even more than that I love crossing things off my lists. I saw this weekly journaling prompt and fell in love. Are you a lister? You'll probably love it too.
  • creamy chicken noodle soup - this can be made in the crockpot, but I've done it on the stove. I found some old fashioned extra thick egg noodles at Winco and they totally make this soup.  
  • two dogs dining - reminds me of crazy skits they used to do at WOL, only with dogs.
How 'bout you. . . found anything cool online lately? Do share.

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