Tuesday, October 30, 2012

banner bliss

We are gearing up for our next First Friday (aka 'craft night') at our church. Most of the time it's bring whatever you want to work on, but once in a while, Barb & I get all crafty and plan something fun for everyone to make. Since this makes two months in a row that our creative juices have been flowing (last month we made these mini albums), I'd say perhaps we're on a roll. She asked me to think about something fallish that we could do and the only thing that came into my mind was to make a banner, but I wasn't really feeling it at that point.

Then, we went to the new & improved and humungously larger Gresham Craft Warehouse {gift cards always accepted}, and the banner project was confirmed when I saw they had one hanging up on display. I took it as a sign.
We picked out those same papers and stickers from the Simple Stories Harvest Lane collection. Super cute!!! We decided on a smaller 4X6 banner size and we have three different patterns they'll be able to choose from. I like the pointy/notched one, but there's also a scalloped edge and a rounded edge. We put our cricuts to good use and cut out all the letters and shadow letters. They can choose the word Thankful or Blessed. They'll even get a couple ways to hook it all together. I'm using jute. We have everything all cut and ready to go in ziploc bags and are excited to share our project with the church ladies.

Here's the one I made for myself. I don't have a mantel, but I've got this cute little cut out window between the living room and dining room that works just fine. I'm seriously considering taking it down decorating the back sides because when you're in the living room, all you see is bare naked chipboard. (That was Phil505's suggestion. Isn't he amazing? I love how he supports my hobby!)

 And here's one I made to send to my sister. She just doesn't know it yet ;)
I'm also excited to share with you, dear readers, because one of you is going to win a banner!!! It's just my little way of thanking you for reading my stories here on my blog. Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite part of Thanksgiving. That's it. One little comment and I will choose and announce a winner on Friday. Be sure to tell me if you'd like your banner to say Thankful or Blessed. Go ahead, do it. You know you want some happy mail from me in your mailbox.

I hope you win.


Luci Smith said...

Those truly look amazing Wendy. One day it would be fun to join you all on a Friday night. I have not pulled out my scrap book stuff in a very long time and well under the circumstances it will be much longer. SIGH. I need to start new I think.....take pictures of the present and make small albums instead of a big continuing family album.
This Thanksgiving is going to be a very different one. I am Thankful for many things. Thankful for in-laws who support and love me in ways I never thought possible. Two girls who helps me to grow and be a better person daily. Friends who loves me and make sure I take care of me. The Lord for giving me the opportunity to work with special need students. I am in love with my sub job.
PICK ME PICK ME....though I won the last prize you had so it would not be fair. :) BUT, I will comment anyway.

Kerry M. said...

You have a cricut? I'm not jealous, oh noooo...

You took it "as a sign", hardy-har-har!

Your handiwork looks maaahvelous!

Keep crankin' out the cute, girlfriend. It's so becoming on you.

Smart thinking from Phil505. He da' man!

Iffin' I's the lucky winner, I'd be blessed. =)

Kellie said...

LOVE those banners! You are so talented, my friend. I think I am reading a bit too late to be entered for one. haha!