Wednesday, July 18, 2012

he already misses me

We are working through his issues of separation anxiety. I mean, for crying out loud, getting out of the Jeep to go into the grocery store for potato salad nearly gets my husband dismembered. He doesn't like it when Phil gets out just to pump gas either. And he can see him through the windows the entire time. If ever there was a male dog drama queen, Wilson surely is the winner of that crown.
Yesterday we went out into the boonies to meet his nanny for next week. She's a former coworker of mine and she used to train dogs and was a dog groomer for a long time. He'll be in really good hands. He'll also have three resident doggy friends to play with and chase, about 8 acres of woods to wander, a fenced in area for when he's bad, a creek to splash in, and a pond for when it really gets hot.

Phil thinks after all that he won't want to come back home. I beg to differ. Look at that face.


Luci Smith said...

What a cutie. My friend watched Mika while we headed to Seattle. He had a BLAST and was a very happy dog. BUT he missed us, did not eat, and greeted us with so much love when we got back.
Hmmm...does your friend dog sit for a living. This sounds like a wonderful place.

Kellie said...

That is so stinkin' cute!! As you can tell I am seriously behind on reading.... trying to catch up!!!!