Monday, May 21, 2012

wrapping up another week

This week, my not-so-little little puppy dog Wilson turned 6 months old. He refuses to let me clip his nails, he gets into EVERYTHING, and I swear every time we take him to the dog park or on a walk, someone has to stop and comment on how cute he is. Our way too early Saturday morning routine is that he falls asleep on my lap while I catch up on some shows on hulu. He also nearly got his nose ripped off yesterday by some little yippy dog at the park. Blood dripping, a little yelping, and now he's licking off the Neosporin. Poor baby. He's soon about to lose his manhood over at Dr. Alysyn's office. I'll be sure to post a picture of him wearing the cone of shame. He is so going to hate that thing.

This week we lost two cucumber plants. They died a mysterious death as nearly everything else seems to be taking off. I guess it's back to the greenhouse we go.

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week at school. Notes from kindergarteners are so precious.

This week my nephew took a Sharpie to my sister's freshly painted walls. I know that shouldn't make me laugh, but it does.

This week one of my other nephews (who was my ring bearer) tried out for 8th grade show choir and made it. I want so badly to be able to see him next year all dressed up in his costume dancing and singing on stage. I'm so proud of him for trying out for it.

This week a 3rd grade position was posted at Firm Foundation and I'm going for it.

This week Phil took me on a date to a Portland Timbers game. Nobody does major league soccer quite like the Rose City. Green smoke, screaming jig-dancing, scarf waving fans, and Timber Joey. For the record, you all should know that I have a secret crush on Timber Joey. He saws off the end of a log every time they score and then he prances around the park with it. It cracks me up how people want to touch the log. The previous Timber guy was an older dude and he used to be lowered from the ceiling on ropes with his chain saw. I liked him too, but sadly, he retired.
And now the week is over. And my to do list is a mile long. Wish me luck.


Braintree said...

Timber Joey sounds like quite the character. Conjured up memories of The Bridge Man.

Kellie said...

Praying for you for that third grade job!!! Glad that you enjoyed your Teacher Appreciation. :)