Friday, January 27, 2012

he thinks he's big stuff

because now he can jump up into dad's chair all by himself and take a snooze. I don't know what was in the shots the vet gave him last night, but he's got super doggie strength now. Maybe that whole "holding him on our laps whilst reclining in the LaZyBoYs" wasn't such a great idea. But the vet did say he was a smart dog. And we all know what we'd do given the choice to nap on the floor or in a recliner.


Luci Smith said...

Love it. Mika is not allowed on our furniture. That lasted a few months. Now he goes on it only if he is on our lap. A 50 pound long legged puppy makes a great lap dog when you are freezing and need warmth.
Emma and Jena thinks he is just adorable.

Kellie said...

I still love that puppy! That is so sweet!