Saturday, December 31, 2011

just two more weeks

til we bring this little guy home.

Apparently we failed doggy adoption because they didn't think our side fence was tall enough, so we decided to just go get a puppy. By golly, I'll train him not to jump over the stinkin' fence. His name, of course, is Wilson. I've had that name picked out for quite some time. He's an absolutely adorable cuddly yellow lab. I'll have a lap dog for about two weeks and then, well, just look at those paws. He's gonna be a big boy. We are going to go visit him this afternoon and take him a toy and a little fleece blanket with dog bones on it. Then we have two weeks to puppy-proof our house. Lock up the scrapbook supplies, hide the remotes, leave no shoes behind, and make sure he has plenty of things he's allowed to chew on. One of my students brought him a Christmas present - a can of Wilson tennis balls. He said since his name is on the balls he'd always know which balls are his. Was that not so sweet?

So at least I'll have new blog-worthy stories to tell as we embark on this new pet ownership adventure. PS - Feel free to share any and all of your fabulous and amazing puppy raising tips and tricks in the comments section.


Luci Smith said...

Jena says your dog is very cute and Emma went as far as to say that he is cuter then Mika....

We did puppy classes and that helped A LOT. Lots of walks.....LOTS. Labs like to chew.....EVERYTHING. Deoderant lathered on stuff will keep him from chewing it. I was not sure about that but I did and will it really does work. Also, I found out that labs always are hungry....ALWAYS. Oh and it helps to have him associated with other dogs/puppies at a young age. Oh...and walks....did I mention that.:). Lots of walks. We can go together sometime....that would be fun. Oh I am so so very happy for you guys. I can not wait to read about this time in your life.

Kellie said...

Looking forward to reading about the adventures of Wilson! Definitely make sure he has plenty to chew... lol Hope you have a wonderful New Year!! :)